What kind of adults do we want our children to be? How can we help them develop confidence, independence, and a lifetime habit of learning?

Between birth and the age of three human beings go through an incredible journey of profound learning and development. At no other time in a human being’s life does their mind, body, and communication progress at such a tremendous pace. In this important stage in their lives, children fearlessly investigate, explore, experiment, and interact with their surroundings. It is, therefore, critical that children grow and progress in an environment that is safe, interesting, and engaging. What children learn at this stage determines their future lives.


But can infants learn anything at their age?  Can a toddler be taught to feed themselves and organize their clothing?


The answer is ‘yes’ to both questions. A Montessori Infant and Toddler program provides not just physical care for children but also builds a foundation of lifelong learning. It’s not just a drop off center, but also a safe space that values your child and treats you like family. Here, children are observed and nurtured, encouraged to progress and reach substantial milestones in their development. Here, children have freedom within limits.


Toddlers will begin to further explore their surroundings using all their senses to identify patterns, feel different textures, hear a variety of sounds, move and organize objects, and perform more difficult tasks. With appropriate modeling and opportunity, a toddler can develop enough independence to dress themselves up, pour a cup of water to drink and prepare food to eat all on their own. They know their way around a kitchen, bathroom, or playground. Many children advance to more complex chores such as setting a table, putting work tools and toys away without being told to and develop healthy relationships with peers and adults alike.

Children want to be able to do things that adults can do. The sense of pride at their accomplishments that comes with these life skills develops confidence in our children, and they feel empowered to take on the world.