Meet a True Montessorian Renaissance Woman!
Former SQMS Student at MIT

Kali Rosendo graduated from SQMS in 2009 and is now embracing college life with a passion.
Kali took time from her very full schedule to visit with Ms. Judy and the Questa Middle School students in Boston. She now attends MIT and is in pursuit of a major in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Alternative Energy. She is also President of her acapella singing choir, a member of the MIT Competitive Cheerleading team (which was just ranked 5th in the nation) and somehow manages to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night!!!!!
Kali shared with Ms. Judy and Ms. Sharon that her attending Summit from 1st grade to 8th grade was one of the greatest things her mother ever did for her and it continues to have an extremely positive impact on her life today. Kali and the Questa students had a great time reminiscing and sharing some sights in Boston!!