Video Credit American Montessori Society

Your child has a distinctly unique way of connecting with and learning about things. Shouldnʼt their school approach learning the same way? Left to their own devices a child will pick up an object, or pick up on a word, that will light the fire of curiosity and wonder. At the Montessori Elementary level they are encouraged to reflect on the deeper meaning and context of the word or to explore the objectʼs structure, materials or fabrication and its relationship to a system. A teacher will guide their exploration and then get out of the way.

Does this surprise you; that a teacher will allow your child to direct their own pace and method of learning?
As your child develops self direction and independence along this path of study they donʼt need to wait to be told what to do, where to get materials, or which topics to pursue. Children (most humans, really) are built to move about, be dynamic, to touch things, make things, to break things apart for study. Montessori Method allows natural learning to

take place by providing specially designed materials that lends itself to fully engaging your child in abstract thought processes such as learning about numbers and math skills.

Critical thinking skills are another facet of this learning environment. Students will be presented with a problem or challenge and they will follow a solid methodology to problem solve, leaving very little room for guesswork. Well, hereʼs the cherry on top. Your child has a community of peers of varying age levels with whom they travel this educational road. It is the most natural and organic way that we humans educate ourselves; we band together by goals and interests regardless of age and expertise and teach one another.

Socializing young minds in this manner fosters empathy, kindness, and confidence. You may be wondering about where educational standards, curriculum and milestones fit within this method. Children spend three years at an Elementary level and step up to the next level when they have mastered a course of study or syllabus. The children have authentic individualized learning plans and move on to the next topic or level when they have gained skills and are good and ready. Philosophically, they are paying it forward by helping other students learn.

In this independent, integrated learning environment your child develops self identity which paves the way for lifelong learning. Education then becomes a joyful experience rather than drudgery. In their final year at a Montessori school your child willwalk out the door ready to help change the world.