Welcome to Questa Middle School

6th, 7th and 8th Grades (Ages 11-14)

The name Questa comes from the French language and means forever seeking. Our goals are to have knowledge, the joy of life, the love of learning, and every aspect of healthy personal development be the guiding forces of this community of life-long learners. We strive to be forever seeking these traits.

Curriculum and Instruction

Questa Middle Schools’s curriculum and instruction is designed as a 3-year program. The language arts, speech, foreign language, physical education and health, outdoor education/service learning, fine arts, and geography are courses of continuous progress. Science, social studies, and math are designated by topics of study complete in each course.

Questa Middle School courses of study reflect an integration of the following elements

Florida State Standards

SQMS is fully accredited and meets or exceeds all State Standards. Accreditations inlude AISF, NCPSA, Cognia, AI and MSA

The Montessori Philosophy

Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school but for life. – Maria Montessori

The newest research on the developmental needs of early adolescents

At Summit-Questa we are dedicated to providing the best educational experience for your child.

Interdisciplinary themes

Children redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

Small group cooperative learning

Instructional use of small groups promotes students working together to maximize their own and each other’s learning

Personal learning plans

Students develop a personal learning plan as a way to help them achieve short- and long-term learning goals

School and Community Service Projects

“Learning how to learn” Strategies that help grow the whole child and prepare them for a successful future.

Diverse Whole Brain Learning Activities

This aids in stimulating the growth in different areas of the brain.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Summit-Questa Montessori School is to provide a positive, caring, healthy and nurturing environment on campus and online for all our peers within this difficult time. We want an environment which reinforces positive behavior and educates, supports and prepares us through the Montessori method to become citizens of the world.

 Students at Summit-Questa Montessori School will become responsible digital citizens who know how to utilize the learning potential of digital media in a 24/7 connected world and during Covid-19. Children at Summit-Questa are able to experience first-hand this diversity and its value in a safe, Montessori environment. This mission not only extends to our online presence but also on campus. Our goals are to create students who use online tools safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully.

Summit-Questa students will foster an environment where all students excel academically, socially, and emotionally through collaborative efforts of our community, students and teachers.

Our community makes decisions together, everyone will be actively involved in an environment that enhances learning. Students will demonstrate the social skills necessary to act responsibly in the school and as a community.

It is always our aim to even further develop a sense of compassion and understanding for others and to become intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-rounded students to thrive further after middle school.

In all of this, we want to focus this year on our school slogan:

“Stay safe, stay strong and we will prevail”

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Wow! This school is a perfect fit for our family. My daughter missed kindergarten cut off by a couple weeks, I was on the fence to send her prior to kindergarten. I went for a school tour, then a observation day and was sold. This has been a great first week. She is all smiles telling us story after story about her day, looking forward to the next. Thank you SQ!

Stasha Eichner

My son just graduated 8th grade from Summit-Questa Montessori School and I couldn’t be more proud, thankful & prepared for high school! My son got an exceptional education, his growth was amazing to watch unfold in this kind, loving & supportive community! I never had the privilige to attend a private or a Montessori school, but I see the difference and I am so thankful my son did! Thank you Ms. Judy & all your amazing teachers & staff! We will miss you all very much! xoxox

Michele Evans

Great school. My daughter is incredibly happy. Teachers really care for children. In addition, they always have wonderful field trips.

Thierry Watters

Ready to get serious about education!

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