Picture temperature measuring, kids’ masks, spaced out desks, distancing during play, safe spacing at arrivals and pick up times.

We have transformed our school completely to be a safe place for your child. We have measures in place such as different entrances and times per class, choosing your desk for the whole entire time and designated supplies for each child.

We’ve moved to touchless soap dispensers and we sanitize the whole school with the newest organic technology available. Our AC has new filters which keeps the air 99% clean.

It’s amazing how our children are already used to distancing, and a quick reminder brings them back to how we physically interact differently right now.

We also continue to offer Virtual Learning via Zoom. These are indeed strange times but we take steps with the utmost care under modifications and controls, combined with following strict measures.

The beaming, glowing faces and smiles that come through our doors every day is something we will always remember.